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¡Learn Spanish with us!

The Institute is proud to introduce Español, our new basic Spanish course, ideal for foreign nationals, exchange students and anybody who would like to learn Spanish effectively while having fun in the classroom.


¡Aprende español con nosotros!

The Institute ahora ofrece un programa de español. Este curso exclusivo aplica toda la metodología de The Institute para que personas que quieran aprender un nivel básico de Español puedan empezar a expresarse en este idioma. Este curso es ideal para extranjeros, estudiantes de intercambio y cualquier persona que desee aprender español de manera rápida y divertida.


In this course, students will learn Spanish while developing listening, reading, speaking and thinking in our language. The use of engaging material  will introduce students to Mexican culture, customs, crafts and traditions while improving their language skills in a lively and fun class.

With our methodology, students will be able to learn phonetics and develop their understanding of full texts. The course also includes the use of grammar which is addressed in a simple and brief approach.

Our skilled and friendly teachers will make sure that you get plenty of practice from your first class. We want you to enjoy learning Spanish as much as we enjoy teaching! We guarantee you that what we teach in our classes will be relevant and useful outside the classroom.

As with all our courses, we teach to an exceptionally high standard in a friendly and safe environment.